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COVID-19 Advisory: Visitor restrictions are in place for all Phoenix Children’s locations. Masks are required for all visitors and for patients ages 2+. For more information, visit our COVID-19 Resource Center.

Programs & Services

Rehabilitation Services

Phoenix Children's rehabilitation programs offer comprehensive care aimed at helping your child achieve their optimal level of independence. Our approach incorporates a variety of therapies based on your child's specific needs. All our programs provide family-centered and goal-oriented services.

We offer care in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Inpatient therapy is delivered within the hospital while your child is admitted and staying overnight. We know it can be challenging to be away from home, so we do our best to make the environment welcoming and warm for you and your child.

We have the only pediatric inpatient rehab program in the state and provide exceptional care, as recognized by our recent Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accreditation.

Outpatient therapy occurs during short visits to the hospital. Your child will have appointments scheduled to meet their individual therapy needs. Our therapists work with patients and their families during treatment sessions and may send home exercises or activities to do between visits.

Types of Therapy We Offer

Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-language therapy treats communication, cognition, feeding and swallowing problems. Providers of this type of therapy are called speech-language pathologists (SLP) and can help with:

  • Alternative augmentative communication (AAC), which includes all forms of communication other than talking, such as writing, use of communication boards and electronic devices, and sign language
  • Eating and swallowing (feeding therapy)
  • Oral motor skills
  • Thickener wean, vital stimulation
  • Cognition, problem-solving, reasoning and memory
  • Fluency, also called stuttering
  • Language skills
  • Reading and writing
  • Social communication
  • Speech sound production (articulation)

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps your child take part in everyday activities like getting dressed, participating at school and playing with friends. Specialists who provide this type of therapy are called occupational therapists.

Our pediatric-trained occupational therapists help your child gain, maintain and improve independence. Therapists focus on a variety of targeted skills, which include:

  • Activities of daily living (ADLs) — feeding, dressing, bathing and grooming
  • Fine motor skills — grasping skills, object manipulation
  • Sensory processing, sensory integration and sensorimotor skills
  • Sensory oral feeding
  • Splinting, positioning and adaptive equipment
  • Visual-motor skills and perception — coordination of eyes and hands for writing, throwing, catching and using both hands together
  • Visual perceptual skills
  • Upper body strength and endurance

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) is helps your child optimize movement and strength to increase independence and improve quality of life.

Our pediatric-trained physical therapists evaluate and treat young children on their gross motor skills, such as crawling, walking and playing. Older children receive specialized treatment designed to motivate and build self-esteem.

Pediatric physical therapy may include:

  • Balance, agility and coordination training
  • Gross motor skill development
  • Gait and mobility training
  • Progression of developmental mobility
  • Strength, endurance, range of motion and postural exercises
  • Splinting and positioning

PT for sports-related injuries is available within outpatient rehab or our separate sports health facility. Phoenix Children's has the only pediatric-focused sports physical therapy facility in Arizona. We offer comprehensive return-to-play rehab from specialty-trained physicians and physical therapists.

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