Pediatric medicine is experiencing a renaissance in both the understanding of the causal factors of disease, as well as the innovation of targeted clinical interventions and medical devices.  Phoenix Children’s Research Institute (PCRI) will play a critical role in these areas pediatric research and development.  PCRI is building a comprehensive pediatric genomic research program that will allow PCH scientists and our partner organizations to work with patients and their families to aggressively pursue knowledge surrounding the genetic underpinnings of disease and to develop advanced diagnostic technologies for the translation of such knowledge into clinical application.  In addition, PCRI will provide patients with unprecedented access to leading-edge therapeutics and medical devices through clinical trials.


At PCRI, there are two primary resources dedicated to the fulfillment of our mission to be the national leader in pediatric genomic research and precision medical innovations, the PCH Clinical Genomics Laboratory and the Chan Soon-Shiong Children’s Precision Medicine Institute.


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