Study Purpose:

The primary purpose of this study is to obtain the current creatine usage rates among the adolescent athletic population in the greater Phoenix metro area and compare the usage rates between different demographics (sex, age, sport of participation). The secondary aim of this study is to assess the adolescent student athletes’ opinions regarding creatine supplementation using statement evaluations and to compare those viewpoints between different demographics.


Study Summary:

This will be a prospective study of subjects from grades 7-12 who will participate in a questionnaire surveying for current trends in creatine use within this adolescent athletic population. Using statement evaluations (agree/disagree) on the same survey, we will also assess the subjects’ viewpoints and opinions regarding the use of exercise supplements. The survey responses will be imported into a Microsoft Excel database and statistical analysis will be performed to make comparisons and associations between demographics and other categorical variables. 


Basic Eligibility Criteria:

We will survey athletes from grades 7-12 from 10 local high schools in the greater Phoenix metro area affiliated with The Phoenix Children’s Sports Medicine Clinic. No exclusion criteria will be made based on gender or gender identity; race, color, nationality, ethnic or national origin; religion or belief; sexual orientation; socio-economic background or other distinctions. Inclusion criteria for this survey will be solely based on whether a student is within the grades of 7-12 and is a resident of the greater Phoenix metro area. 


Study Location(s):

Phoenix Children’s Hospital 
Phoenix Children's Medical Group - Sports Medicine


Study Contact(s):

Brian D. Kelly, MD, FAAP

Jeffrey Wang

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