Under the leadership of Drs. Justin Ryan and Stephen Pophal, the Cardiac 3D Print Lab at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is focused on translational research utilizing the latest in image processing, 3D visualization, and 3D printing.

These research applications address needs in surgical planning, interventional planning, medical education, and family consultation. Primarily, the lab develops modeling schemes both virtual and physical for the optimization of medical care of patients with congenital or acquired heart disease. The Cardiac 3D Print Lab also supports 3D visualization and 3D printing initiatives for Child Life, Orthopedics, Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children's Hospital, and others.

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing (also known as rapid prototyping or additive manufacturing) is the process of creating a solid, three-dimensional object from a digital file. The printer deposits layers of a material (such as plastic, resin, or metal) until the object is complete.

Cardiac 3D Print Lab Highlights

  • Dr. Stephen Pophal was awarded $75,000 in a 2012 Leadership Circle Grant to purchase a 3D printer and establish the joint Arizona State University/Phoenix Children's Hospital Cardiac 3D Print Lab.
  • The lab has collaborated with more than 15 institutions spanning six countries.
  • The Cardiac 3D Print Lab supports education at University of Arizona by loaning 3D printed models for educational experiences.
  • Drs. Pophal and Justin Ryan was awarded $59,000 in a 2014 Leadership Circle Grant to create libraries of 3D heart models to improve family-centered care and medical education outreach.
  • To date, the Cardiac 3D Print Lab has printed over 260 hearts for surgical planning, medical education, and family consultation.

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